Reduce Overhead With A Modern Real Estate Office Layout

As the world becomes more mobile and connected, the need to have a physical location for an office is slowly diminishing. In many of industries offices are vanishing entirely. It’s well known that being a real estate agent afford you quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to schedule and where you work, so it’s no surprise that these phenomenon are all the more true in our field.

Make no mistake, there are certainly benefits to having a physical office, even if you don’t spend the majority of your time there. It provides a place to collaborate with your team and ensure that everyone is on the same page. That said, as everyone is spending less time in the office you can reduce your overhead by operating out of a smaller space that’s outfitted only with the essentials. Design your office around these three essential elements to get the best bang for your buck:

Coffee and Snack Break Area

The need for a full-scale break room has long since perspired, as so many meals are had off site for client lunches or simply on the go to fit in with our busy schedules. You’re still going to need the basics though, things like a water dispenser, a refrigerator, a microwave, and a sink. Of course, for most real estate agents the single most important component will be a way to make coffee. Look into automatic espresso machines that make espresso, cappuccino, latte, and a slew of other drinks in addition to coffee. Your team will thank you. Not only will they save money on trips to Starbucks, they may even look forward to coming into the office for meetings.

Shared Office Space

The days of traditional desks are over. Hardly any agent works from a desktop computer anymore. Most likely they’re working on a laptop, but it’s not uncommon for agents to handle most of their work from tablets or phones either. Rather than dedicated desks for each agent, plan the office with wide, deep tables where agents can come and go as they please. This will allow them to spread their work out and comfortably collaborate when needed. Make sure to provide plenty of outlets so that you charge computers, phones, and other accessories, and spring for a fast internet connection that’s easily accessible by wifi. If you have a little extra space, adding a couple of stand-up desks can be a nice touch that allows people to stay on their feet.

Meeting Room

Some conversations need to be kept private, and particularly when meeting with clients it helps put them at ease when you’re behind closed doors. You don’t need a huge meeting room, but a closed off area with a table and four chairs will certainly do the trick. It’s best if you can keep it without windows, or at least out of view of the rest of the office. It will most likely be one of the least used places in the office, but when the need arises you’ll be happy you have it.

Keep it simple and keep it practical. Do it right and you’ll find that you can design a real estate office that not only get the most out of your rent bill, but also makes a more collaborative and welcoming environment for you and your fellow agents.

Real Estate Agents Love Nice Cars, But is Your Auto Sound System up to Par?

 Real estate agents always enjoy driving in nice cars. It makes them look good and successful at the same time. Whenever they drive a nice car, one of the things that they will want to consider is the sound system. There are a number of nice cars that often have a sound system that may not be up to par. However, real estate agents who are looking to get a nice car will want to look into way to get the best quality sound system available. This will provide them with the sound they need to listen to MP3 files, make calls, receive calls and also listen to music on the radio. One of the benefits of seeking a nice car is to look for a sound system that includes a free air subwoofer. This will help enhance the sound system and provide the bass sound real estate agents want. 

When looking to get a nice car with a top sound system. There are a few things to look for. One of the things that a real estate agent will want to look for is the subwoofer features. There are numerous subwoofer features that are available with a sound system. It will be beneficial to find a speaker system that has subwoofers that are up to 10 inches. This will provide the right size for the speakers. Real estate agents will also want to look for an adequate amount of watts. It will be important to find audio systems that have between 500 and 1,000 watts per speaker. Real estate agents will also want to get a speaker system that has a one year manufacturer’s warranty. 

Another thing to look for is the amplifier features. Consumers looking to get an audio system for their car will benefit by getting a Class A or B Monoblock amplifier. They will also want to look for one that has a LPF of 40-300Hz and also a bass boost of +0-12DB. Real estate agents that are in the market for a top audio system will want to look for a system that has one pair of preamp outputs, and a high level of speaker inputs along with a 25A fuse. 

When it comes to enclosure features, real estate agents will need to look for a dual 10 inch ported subwoofer enclosure. They will benefit by getting preloaded Belva subwoofers and also an audio system that is tuned perfectly to get the best bass from the BELVA subs as well. 

The audio system for a car will also need to have amp kit specifications. Consumers will benefit by getting a complete 8 gauge amp kit with a 2 channel RCA cable. They will also want to get a high strand count for maximum flexibility. This includes a red 8 gauge power wire, an 8 gauge ground wire and also a remote turn on wire. Real estate agents who are looking to upgrade their vehicle sound system will benefit by getting one that has a 2 channel twisted pair noise and a Mini ANI fuse holder. 

As a real estate agent, you will often want to drive in a nice car so that you can make a good impression on colleagues and clients. While the exterior of a car will impress others, it will also be important to get a car with impressive interior features as well. One of these features is the audio sound system. Whenever you are looking to get a nice car, it will be in your best interest to get a sound system that is of top quality. During the process of getting a top audio sound system for your car, it will be important to look for certain things. These include subwoofers, wires, cables and speakers with a high watt amount. All of these features will enable you to drive in a nice car that has interior features that are just as impressive as the exterior ones.