Upgrades That Make Your Home A More Comfortable Place to Live

Your home is your castle and it should reflect your personality along with your style. So when it is time to come up with new upgrades to make it look good, do not hold back. Choose the upgrades you know that will make your home inviting and comfortable. After all, you are the one coming home everyday after a hard day’s work looking at the same things over and over again. If you are thinking of doing something different, trying updating your home with a few touches that will give your home softness and warmth. 

The Main Living Room 

The first area that should get an upgrade to it is your living area. The flamboyant couch with the wool pillows has to go. Try something more conservative such as brown sofa and love seat in cloth along with some black and ivory pillows. You are looking to tone it down and make it cozy. If you do not have a carpet you could get a really nice dark red or zebra print oriental rug. If you are into knickknacks, get some fake flowers in a pretty crystal vase to sit on the coffee table in the middle. Of course, you can add your favorite magazines or books under that table since that is where you like to read. Nothing spells home like buying asymmetrical frames to put you your spouse, and your children’s pictures in. When someone walks through your door, they would notice that your house is a home by the out of the ordinary picture frame of everyone. You want a good balance of everything. If it would help, you do not have to go with the traditional white walls in your living room. You can do either a soft yellow, pink, or blue, but keep the crown molding white. 

Your Bedroom 

This is another place in your home where you may spend the most time. If you are single, you probably spend more time here than the living room simply because there is no one else in the house but you and the most comfortable spot in the bed. If you do not like your bulky entertainment center, try mounting your television onto the wall. Most master bedrooms are pretty large. Should that be the case for you and you do not have a home office to work in, try putting a simple desk in one corner of the room? The carpet on your bedroom floor might not be ideal for you and can be replaced with either wood tile with a short plush rug by the bed for your feet or another color carpet. Did you have a darker color and didn’t like it? Get a soft beige Berber carpet that comes with Scotchgard. You want to keep your bedroom relatively quiet, so there is no need to add a lot of crazy colors. Sleep is important and you want this room to look the part. 

The Kitchen

This is the very room you can have some fun making comfortable for you. Let’s start with the cabinets. Are they a pale white or too dark of a color? You could change them out for light wooden cabinets with window glass where you can see where everything should be going. If your home is electric, you could choose to do all stainless appliances instead of what you have now. Your stove can come with a smooth cooktop with state of the art technology. Also, your refrigerator can have the newest trend out an outside grab and go door. 

Sprucing your home can be really fun. Just add your classy elegance or laid back taste to it to make your home feel like it is lived in. If you are a loud and person, you could really use your imagination to bring color to life in your home. It is all about what you see.